All our machines undergo a standardized process to ensure quality across all our products. We believe in delivering excellence to all our customers.

Our quality control team has taken the core values and vision of our first device and built a process around them increasing efficiency and the quality of the process.


We start by identifying working parts of obsolete devices, removing ferrous and non-ferrous parts by shredding and separation process. These parts are then recycled to be put into our new devices.


We then wipe the data off the collected devices, the hardware goes through our quality control team to be checked for scratches, cracks, or any unusable parts.


Once approved by our quality control team the devices then get tested for electrical safety and functionality.


Then they are cleaned removing any markings from the previous owners. Once ready they are tested for software, if needed a fresh operating system is installed in the devices. They are then ready for sale.


Before they are sent for packaging we record the device information in our database which makes it easier for us to process returns


The devices then make their way to packaging where they are first bubble wrapped and then put into customized boxes.


Upon order, they are then transferred to our delivery team. They label the product and delivery details. All products within the UK are then sent out based on the selected delivery options.